AC/AL is a design studio founded in 2013 by Amandine Chhor and Aïssa Logerot. Both graduates from ENSCI in Paris, they first made their own experience by working in design agencies and international companies. The studio creates objects with the aim to reach a perfect balance between function, form and techniques of production, depending on the companies’ know-how and constraints. Passionate for materials, crafts and industrial manufacturing processes, they draw products and furniture that valorize usefulness and the rigor of simplicity. Their precise, elegant and clean lines give their designs their identity.



Bicolter is a Spanish designer duo by Olivia Salcedo and Saulo Santana. Bicolter constantly performs experimentation and debate between intangible and tangible language, in order to create new appreciations for objects. Their aim for the product is to explore the balance between conceptual and technical development .

Products by Bicolter:
ONoff Hanger



Made in the south of France, Helkarava is living in Paris where he is watching the humanity with his glass eyes. Illustrator and comics drawer, he is sketching during the full moon, writing during the full sun and cooking tchoutchouka when the clouds are going down on the life.


Ionna Vautrin

Having worked for a host of international brands such as Camper, George J Snowden and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, the French designer Ionna Vautrin opened her own studio in Paris in 2011. Since then, she infuses her signature cheerful spirit into a composition of organic and geometric shapes. Her work is a charming weave of industry and poetry.


Joachim Jirou-Najou

Joachim Jirou-Najou is a French designer born in 1980 in Nancy (France). He lives and works in Paris. After developing projects for various clients, as well as collaborations with other designers, Joachim Jirou-Najou decided to launch his own studio in 2013. A graduate of the ESAD of Reims in 2002 and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs of Paris in 2004 he designs furniture and objects, in limited editions or industrial serial production.


Johannes Klein

German born designer Johannes Klein is living and working in Berlin and Milano, Italy. After spending the first couple of years as a furniture maker he transferred to Milan in 2002, where he collaborated with different design studios. He is a founding partner of Opendot Fablab where he enjoys to explore new technologies and co-creation working in the fields of industrial architecture, interior architecture and lighting technology. 


Les Graphiquants

Founded in 2008, Les Graphiquants is a Parisian design agency specializing in graphic design and typography. The awarded team converts the essence of an idea into a series of abstracts, graphics and colours, with a unique dose of peculiarity. The construction has always led to a delicately brutal process, yet it creates an imaginative outcome filled with fantasy and intelligence.


Marc Venot

Marc is an awarded industrial designer from ENSCI - Les Ateliers, Paris with a mathematics and physics background. Before he founded his studio in 2011, he had a rich work experience for luxury brands such as Hermes, Cartier and others. His unique background has helped him step into many key furniture and product design project collaborations with fx. Thonet, Lexon, Normann Copenhagen and EO.


Morgan Spaulding

Morgan Spaulding and his Phaedo design studio is based in New York. In his work he focuses on the creation of objects and spaces with intention and purpose.


Nicole & Tor Vitner Servé

Tor & Nicole are the directors and owners of EO. Their common passion for design and production has created an impeccable bonding for the A-Team. Graduated from Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Nicole has found excitements in versatile design worlds including landscape and stage design; whereas Tor is profoundly rooted in Danish design industry through years of dedication in Bo-Tikken, Normann Copenhagen, Luceplan Scandinavia and OK Design (as a partner). Tor, together with Nicole, proudly established EO in 2013.


Takeshi Sawada

The artwork by the Tokyo-based designer Takeshi Sawada is highly iconic with his straightforward expression of playfulness, emotion and energy. Originally an apparel designer, his aesthetic inspiration has highly influenced his furniture design principle.


Tsukasa Goto

Tsukasa is a Japanese artist based in Milan. Soon after his graduation in Nagoya he acquired his fame by collaborating with Italian artists such as Luca Pancrazzi, Donata Paruccini and David Chipperfield Architects Milan. He also won the Cristalplant Design Contest with Marco Gazzini in 2011. He ferments his design concepts from the thinnest nuance of everyday life, starting with the natural shapes and colours, and ending with the urban materials and forms.


Twice Studio

Twice is an art direction and graphic design studio based in Paris, founded by Fanny Le Bras and Clémentine Berry. Their unique hybrid of music, fashion and art has reflected on their absolutely charming work. The bold use of colours and graphics have set an exclusively playful tone in the design with a great vibe. Twice has an impressive work experience  for fashion and cultural clients such as Baleapop festival, Dior, Lea Peckre and Graphic Design Festival Paris.