OnOff HANGER / by Nicole Servé

Design by Bicolter


ONoff are simple and modern hangers that combine form and simplicity.

They are designed by Bicolter Studio who were inspired by the form of hidden electrical tubes and have interpreted these elements into everyday objects.

Dimensions: Ø3.5 x H3.5 cm

Material: Fine solid European Beech, powder coated.

Weight: 100 g

Variants: White, Peach, Grey, Black, Blue, Mint.

Max Weight: 8 kg, Depending on the mounting surface these numbers can vary, take into account the weight of the product plus anything that will be placed on it when considering the strength of the mounting surface.


Designer Profile



Bicolter is a Spanish designer duo by Olivia Salcedo and Saulo Santana. Bicolter constantly performs experimentation and debate between intangible and tangible language, in order to create new appreciations for objects. Their aim for the product is to explore the balance between conceptual and technical development.

Product by Bicolter: ONoff Hanger