ZEBRA CARPET / by Nicole Servé

Design by Les Graphiquants


ZEBRA CARPET is a modern interpretation of the distinctive African animal with its unique black and white stripes. Its graphic appearance makes it perfect in any room to add humour and warmth to your home. 

Dimensions: L100 x W70 x H2 cm

Material: Handmade in 100% wool. Carefully woven in the precise colors and details.

Weight: 3.5 kg


Designer Profile


Twice Studio

Twice is an art direction and graphic design studio based in Paris, founded by Fanny Le Bras and Clémentine Berry. Their unique hybrid of music, fashion and art has reflected on their absolutely charming work. The bold use of colours and graphics have set an exclusively playful tone in the design with a great vibe. Twice has an impressive work experience  for fashion and cultural clients such as Baleapop festival, Dior, Lea Peckre and Graphic Design Festival Paris. 

Product by Twice Studio: Panda Carpet